Wednesday, September 24, 2008

:: am so not into work! ::

am so not into work, and yet my tasks are piling up.. and this is not typical last week of working before long leave for raya.. normally time² cenggini wa dengan senang hati boleh main game.. huhu.. and the task is pretty heavy! have to put up proposal paper.. have to do the planning for the next 5 years course of action.. have to do some budget estimation.. apa la nasibku ari nih..

hubby is away (again!) to pasir gudang.. i'm not sure for how long will he be working like this for i'm starting to loose my patience already.. he's away almost every week this Ramadhan, leaving me alone to manage the boys.. my tummy is getting bigger, and frankly speaking, i'm starting to get tired too easily, that has caused me to loose my temper faster.. without him, i have to chauffeur myself to work.. call me selfish, i've to be selfish for i have to take care of not only my health, but my unborn baby too!

tamau la grumble² lagi pagi² buta.. nanti cepat tua.. though aishah always looks young.. hahahaha.. perasan lagi..

beading projects - almost completed.. it takes like forever to complete.. am putting aside an hour or two a day to complete it, and insya Allah will tepek the pics.. tupun kalau cun la amik gambar..

anyway, to aweng who requested the cookie recipe.. actually akak amik dr one of the fotopages, so akak rasa akak letak link jek la kat sini for you to explore as she has got plenty of beautiful recipe to try..

alahai, kena panggil masuk meeting la plak.. gtg now.. okay la all.. take care.. bye

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