Tuesday, January 20, 2009

:: love life - full of colours ::

love life. a very interesting topic to dwell on. will never be outdated to be talked about.

alhamdulillah, i'm blessed with a beautiful married life. married to a man, who's able to guide me to live a life, from religion wise to corporate life. alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, my praises to Allah. i never thought that i'd find love with someone whom i know from my childhood. i never thought that a big brother that i know since my schooling years will be my husband. all thanks to my mother in law, who in a way plays her role that finally makes us fall in love and tied the knot. yes, parents blessing is very important in order to lead a happy life.

i do have a fine share of my ups and downs before landing to the right person. but all the experiences make u a better person, wiser in thinking & sharper in observing. it all makes your life more colourful, and dynamic. i don't keep ill will to the people who walk away from my life, (or was it me who walked away?) but rather thankful for it has lead me to meet my husband whom i love dearly & so much.

some people said, from the first sight, u can feel the connection between two souls. some said, u need time to know each other well, before u land into the state of married life. but i believe, there are many who thought they've found the right one, but in the middle of the sail broke it off, as finally they realize the boat is not sailing to the right destination, eventhough the island of journey is just within the reach of hand.

some people has a smooth sailing love life journey. some people bumps into rocky roads, but survive smelling the sweet, beautiful roses along the way. some people was hit by the unexpected typhoon. some faces hard rocking journey from beginning, but land up in a beautiful paradise.

love life is full of colours. beautiful rainbows appear after a stormy day. sometimes it rains after a beautiful sunny day. but all you need is a steady shelter and good umbrellas to hang on when the weather does not behave that day.

i know someone dear to me to is battling with this problem. dear M'lle, my one simple advice, seek for the clue from the Almighty. He's the one, the best one to consult. hold on and never give up praying. ask for the best, for you and the other half. my doa for you, be strong, coz i know u're one. love you dear, and i'm always at your disposal to trash out all the rubbish feeling inside. take care!


Suzie said...

this is a good insight aishah...good entry too.

people tend to pretend that they're having a beautiful marriage while marriage is not a bed of roses..so ups n downs in life are inevitable.

aishah zaharin said...

yep. life isn't bed of roses.

thanx for the compliment suzie.

Asiah Abd Jalil said...

Assalamualaikum Kak Aishah! I am your loyal blog reader, though tak pernah kenal pun di alam nyata. :-)

Wondering... perhaps Kak Aishah boleh share, apa punca Arwah Amin meninggal dalam perut? Insya Allah boleh jadi panduan dan pengajaran for all your blog readers out there. Rasanya pagi tu Kak Aishah dah pergi antenatal check up kan? Doctor tak detect apa-apa ke waktu tu?

I have had four time pregnancy experiences. Alhamdulillah, now tengah pregnant kali kelima. Dah banyak pengalaman jumpa macam-macam doktor, pakar or not. Sometimes sengaja aje trial and error, nak tengok sejauh mana pandangan doktor kat hospital ni sama dengan hospital tu. I bet, memang selalu berlaku percanggahan!

After all, we are all humans, humans make mistakes. Tapi kita boleh ambil pengajaran dan iktibar dari kesilapan lalu, walaupun sometimes kesilapan yang berlaku itu kosnya ialah nyawa seorang insan.

Keep up your good writings! :-)

Asiah Abd Jalil said...

Emm... by the way, if this time I get a baby boy, Insya Allah nak namakan "Muhammad Al Amin"... :-)

aishah zaharin said...

salam asiah,

dr actually tak bagitau akak what is the actual cause of death. but blood test shown nothing. maknanya takde infection or whatsoever.

dia cakap ngan akak, terbelit tali pusat tuh is only a contributing factor. he believes that ada factor lain yang cause the death, since weight baby is retarded. he was only 2.4kg when delivered, whereas he was expected to be around 2.8kg masa lahir.

but when i talked to one of my friend, who's a dr, based on what i told her, she believes that the COD is terbelit tali pusat. dia cakap, kalau terbelit tali pusat, mmg baby boleh meninggal sudden. ada logiknya kalau kita lay man fikir. macam org bunuh diri, kalau jerut leher, immediate kan mati? plus, i remember seeing arwah amin masa dia kluar dr my womb, nampak talipusat belit leher dia. and the dr terus said 'masya Allah'.

since u're pregnant again, my only advice to u is to trust your instinct. kita as a mom ada connection ngan baby. FYI, masa preggy, i do feel that something is not right with my baby, ada uneasy feeling here and there. but since the ultrasound semua ok, i tried to brush it off. so if asiah rasa ada something yang tak kena, but then the dr said ok, it's nothing to lose for u to double sheck up with other drs. we're talking about life kan?

glad to here that you might name him amin. nama amin tuh simple, senang sebut and maksud dia best. hope u'll have a safe pregnancy and delivery. keep me informed on your delivery okay? take care!

Anonymous said...

Your writing (words used inside) simply proves that you are a good poem writer!

Susah giler nak bayang tulis macam tulisan akak nih! sangat sastera

aishah zaharin said...

aweng : agaknya, pasal tuh kot abg amat cair? ngehngehngeh. ;P

Anonymous said...

x boleh tahan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok lah ok lah..
kasi can kat tuan umah...
iye kot kak aishah.... (sambil jeling kiri kanan) =)

Anonymous said...

your silent reader about a year..gegegege...but entry akak kali ni buat kita nak cakap... REALLY22222...GOOODDDDD

aishah zaharin said...


thank you.. (malu..)