Wednesday, January 14, 2009

:: Calling for attention! ::

Dear readers,

please take note of the following story. it happened to a senior of mine, who happened to live a few blocks away from my house. i've CTRL C + CTRL V (copy and paste) from nizzy facebook's profile. hubby told me the exact real story that he heard from his office's colleague whose wife is a friend of the victim. the story below might not be 100% accurate, but the bottom line is - TAKE CARE AND BEWARE NT ONLY TO STRANGERS BUT ALSO TO THOSE WHOM U KNOW WELL..

Let me share what Akidah wrote:

Dear family and friends,
Just to share an experience with everyone. Hopefully everyone can learn something from it and help me to create awareness for all, especially among female friends/family, to be very cautious of their surrounding and to be extra careful when driving/walking alone.

My story - yesterday morning when i was about to leave for work, I was stopped by Melvinder (a childhood friend and neighbor) who wanted a lift to a friends house in Bukit Mas (a secluded residential area on top of a hill here in Taman Melawati). He's storyline is he wanted to pick up his luggage bag because he was leaving for Pakistan in 3 hours time. Mel has a drug history which I knew of, but since he was a friend and neighbor, i didnt give it a second thought.

At the top most part of Bukit Mas where it was secluded, he conned me to open the boot and to get out of the car to check something in the boot. Next thing i know, he grabbed me and threw me into the boot. I was kidnapped and stuck in my own car boot for 3 hours. He said he will let me go if i cooperated and all he wanted is the car and money in my account. Initially, I actually believed him because he was saying that he was sorry, he was desperate etc..however as time goes by and my car started to smell of weed, I know my chances of being released were very slim. Later, he also had a friend (young malay guy from the sound of it) join him in the car, which made me think the heist was planned.

I am thankful that Allah swt allowed me to be calm throughout the ordeal. All the time in the boot, I was praying while concentrating on trying to break the boot latch from inside. ALHAMDULLILLAH, i manage to do so and when the car slowed down, i just shoved the the boot open and jumped out onto the highway. ALHAMDULLILLAH again, the car behind me managed to stop and I was not hurt. I went into the first car i can find - who coincidentally was driven by a police officer who was on leave. And the rest is history. I am save and that is all that matters. Mel however got away with my car (black perdana V6 WMH 4881) and everything else I had on me at the time. HE IS STILL ON THE LOOSE!

For Melawatians who knows him, PLEASE BE ALERT IF YOU SEE HIM. Contact the nearest police station. He is currently wanted by the police. and PLEASE advice all your family and friends to be extra careful. It happened to me infront of my own home. He is still out there and desperate.

For all my gal family and friends, please please please be careful. ALWAYS make sure someone knows where you are, where your heading, what time to expect you home. For the guys, it might happen to you too so be cautious of your surroundings. Please alert your sisters, wife and girl friends of the possibility of this happening to them. It is a normal modus operandi for a car jack or plain daylight robbery. Also be mindful if a stranger bangs your car, if you have a flat tyre, leaving cars unatended at petrol staions or in any circustances where your alone and your intuition just tells you that something is not right. I was extremely lucky but wallahualam what would happen to the next victim.

My two cents worth, if you were in a similar situation:-
1) Never lose faith in God – Pray!
2) Be calm - Dont agitate your assailant with screaming or crying
3) Never give up! Dont let them win.

a photo of him

So there you go.. if you happen to see Mel, please do your part.. there are enough psychos around in this world.. we don't need another psycho to be among the ones we actually know. Trust can be a bitch

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