Thursday, January 15, 2009

:: creamy pasta ::

happened to chat with sheri over YM yesterday, and i started to whine on my hopeless skill - cooking curries. we started to exchange tips on cooking, and i think i should share the love with all.

as i mentioned before, despite being twin, my sons have different preference when it come to food. afiq is very much a malay boy, and adib enjoys western food. they do like the same food at times e.g. kurma, curry. but other than that, they're 180degrees opposite.

i'm pretty hopeless in cooking anything with curry in it, so i'd rather leave the recipes for the expert to share. let me just share the things that i'm good at.

for a start - creamy spaghetti - one of adib's favourite

sliced onions
cooked pasta
cheese (optional - i use cheddar)
corn or multipurpose flour
pepperoni/sliced of sausages (u can substitute with meat for a healthier serving. pepperoni + sausages kan high salt + fat content. skali skala ok la, jangan selalu. not good!)
lemon juice (for babies - i substitute it with lemon zest)

1. heat butter in a pan
2. sautee the onions
3. put in capsicum + pepperoni
4. add in mushroom
5. pour in some milk
6. add in a slice of cheese (if u're a cheesy person)
7. mix in some flour (a spoon or two to thicken the gravy)
8. season with pepper + salt + lemon juice/zest
9. put in the cooked pasta
10. serve hot.

u have to eat it while it's warm. kalau tak MUAK..

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