Saturday, January 17, 2009

:: tag by mas ::

Do you think you're hot?
hot enough. tarak lebey, tarak kurang. :P

Upload your favorite picture of you!

Why do like that picture?
simply because.. i've been waiting for 4 years for it to come true. besides, my cheek is rosy, i manage to lose my weight, and being blessed wth two handsome boys. and a handsome man. :D

When was the last time you ate pizza?
few weeks ago. (time pantang okay?) hubby said i deserve a break. :P

The last song you listen to?
can't remember. but i believe it's some tune from barney.

What are you doing right now besides this?

What name would you prefer besides yours?
hasya annisa (a name that i've been thinking should i be granted with a daughter. maksudnya hasya - kesempurnaan, annisa - wanita)

People to tag:
izzah my cuz

Who is number one?
a friend from heaven! seriously! if u're looking for someone who's loyal to her friends, that would be her. she has got a bog, warm heart and too many love to share with others. sapa yang dapat dia mmg untung!

Number three is having a relationship with?
aiya.. this lil cuz of mine is pretty good to keep things to herself.. :D (or am i too old to know their lil secrets?)

Say something about number five?
she's good in what she writes. she can makes u laugh over stupid jokes. we were in the same pakcik van that chauffer us to school masa kat smtm dulu.

How about number four?
my lil brother. who have big vision and big dreams. a very good writer i shall admit. i think he can make some earning from what he writes. (that's ow he gets his SLR anyway. jeles)

Who is number two?
my officemate, my kawan makan, my teman gie ikea, my gang gie sogo, and soon going to be my enemy.. sebab dia slalu ajak gie secret recipe, and i will definitely susah nak turn down her invitation sbb i'm a fan. that will spoil my diet. hehe.

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