Thursday, January 15, 2009

:: vision - priceless ::

yesterday evening, i brought the boys to see the opthalmologist, prof dr muhaya mohamed at the prince court medical centre (PCMC). FIL has had an opration before with her to remove his cataract, and she has one good track record in her field.

it has always been a concern with my mom especially about my boys' eyes. bila amik gambar, mata kanan diorang tend to move inside, macam squint eyes, or dalam bahasa melayu - juling. it's not obvious, tapi kalau perhati betul² baru ada. kejap² ada, kejap² takde. for info, my family (my mom's side) mmg boleh kata semua stok rabun. agaknya kalau semua buat lasik mau boleh dapat nissan murrano sebijik. hehe.

so, why am i so concern? squint eyes nih can be a symptom of lazy eye. maknanya, only one eyes is doing the job. it happened to one of my cousin, and it was only detected when she was around 5 years old. with her condition at that time, she was expected to be born with the problem. to improve her condition, she has to patch one of her eyes for a certain amount of hours a day to train the lazy eye to work. she's now 11, and on glasses.

i don't want my children to suffer that. simply because my hubby and i wore glasses and we know the limitation. bukannya senang hidup bila dah pakai spek. (my rabun is extremely bad, that the optalmologist terpaksa check my retina takut rosak. we're not talking about power spek dalam 400-500. mine is more than that for both eyes) that's why i hantar check mata. being preemie babies (prematured babies) who stayed in an incubator for about 5 days or so, and high concentrated oxygen, lotsa damages could happened to their eyes. (i may be an engineer, but i do at times read medical stuff. it's very² beneficial)

yesterday, masa check, dr kata the babies' eyes structure are healthy. alhamdulillah. but from their observation, my sons (both) have very high potential to be short sighted, or in other word rabun and kena pakai glasses bila besar nanti. but then, since they're still young, i could help them to overcome the problem. dr asked me to encourage them to see far things, (maknanya bawak le gi jejalan kat parks, zoo, etc) and avoid to see things dekat² (like watching tvs, pc, laptop). lucky me, my boys enjoy going out, and does not watch tv at home, except in the car. but the only thing that trouble us is, afiq and adib suka gentel teddy bear or anything soft before sleeping and they hold it very near to their eyes. so we have to try and put them to sleep without the furry bears.

nasib la my mommy is pushing me really hard about my boys' eyes. sometimes, when things seem to small aka remeh, that small thing is actually a symptom that could change their life. thanx mak for making me realize the importance of doing everything early.

but anyway, alang² dah cakap pasal babies nih, i'd like to share some infos that may help babies' brain development that i've got from my boys paed. he advised me to limit the time to watch tv to an hour a day, and promote taking scott's emulsion (or any minyak ikan) to boost the baby' brain develpoment.

tu jek la sket ilmu nak share. so those with young children and babies, it's never too early to start looking after their eyes. in fact, masa i jumpa dr muhaya smalam dia kata, dalam sebulan mmg sikit sgt patient yang datang tuh budak². dalam sebulan ada la seorang. so that shows kita punya awareness on the importance of taking good care of eyes among children is still low. the fees that u need to pay to the dr and time spent at the hospital may seem high and forever, but the vision of our children is priceless.

so why not start now?


Anonymous said...

kak aishah,

nak tanye, akak dulu makan neurogain tuh sampai bila?
sampai kandungan 4 bulan je ker? (i mean, stop when the kandungan reach 4 months? or when kandungan reach 5 months?)
or sampai due?
aweng tanye, sebab rasenyer, hari tuh dgr doc kate makan sampai 4 bulan.. tapi, x re-confirm plak...

~ shac ~ said...

sis, when is the best age to start the scott's emulsion?

aishah zaharin said...

aweng - akak makan sampai besalin. tapi masa first preggy akak start makan masa 3-4 bulan pregnant. tunggu habis mabuk. tapi yang second pregnancy makan dari awal.makan sampai besalin.

sha - not sure when is the best. tp akak start bagi after they reach a year old. kena consult paed.

Rhapsody said...

tq for the info..but my son if makan scott emulsion tu kena terrible la aishah..sampai nangis2 tak nak but we force him jugaklah memandangkan selera makannya sangatlah kurang membanggakan.macam kejam pula rasanya kadang tu.

undomesticwifey said...

Aku salah sorang "anak" yang kena PAKSA makan scott's emulsion tu. Heheh..Last last mak aku tukar kepada haliborange. Sekarang takde dah kot haliborange tuh?

*dreaded the time bila nak kena paksa anak makan ubat atau yg sewaktu dengannya*

*nih komen yang agak lari dari tajuk kan esah?*

aishah zaharin said...

i normally get my maid to give it to my sons. sbbnya kalau mak dia bagi, alahai, meronta bagai nak rak. recently, my maid discover a way to give medicine peacefully to my boys (but it only works to one of them) - bagi dia pegang syringe sambil tuh kita bagi dia makan ubat. haha.

haah nard. mmg lari tajuk. tapi aku tau ko nak meluahkan perasaan ko. nanti 27 years down the road anak ko buat mende sama gak.

eh - aku suka haliborange. sedap! :P skang scott ada rasa orange ala² haliborange. (kalau boleh makan, aku makan jek. tapi takut lak aku.)

izreen said...

prof muhaya... i like her very much!!

she's my doc since dia attached kat hukm... skrg ni dah g prince court... aku sanggup mengikut... every month akan buat checkup ng dia.. infact dah 2 tahun... and with her skills plus her motivation buatkan aku tamo pi jupe doc lain

sgt berbaloi.. because she is simply the best!!

aishah zaharin said...

izreen (nih ejean ke?)

mmg prof muhaya best. bagus gila in fact!

Nurul Aini said...

Aishah, nak tanya lazy eye ni bole buat laser ke? Sebabnya my brother sblh mata je rabun, power 500 lbh

Nurul Aini said...

*bukan laser, lasik..