Thursday, January 22, 2009

:: freaking out ::

am so addicted to blogging nowadays. my fingers seem itching when i don't touch the board. :P

anyway, yesterday's event was pretty terrifying. from 2* size to 3* is really freaking me out. yes, i manage to grab 2 pieces of jeans that fit me. but then, halamak, the size!!!!! (ps - jeans MURAH GILA! from RM19 - RM29 only, 80% off) well, anyway i should be realistic. i'm only on my 43rd day, and i still have rooms to be back at my pre-preg figure + weight right? or am i wrong?

hm. tak saba nak tunggu esok. esok nak gie holiday. cuti² mesia. lama dah tak cuti² mesia nih. excited pulak rasa. ;P (plus - aku tak nah gie CH, ok?) packing dah almost settle. tinggal nak pack susu + pampers babies jek. hopefully the boys will behave through out the journey, as i won't bring my maid along. anyone nak tag along?

kay all. take care. mmuahs!


salhana said...

wah nak ikutt nak ikutttt

aishah zaharin said...


kay dora said...

sha, kalau gi penang/alor star/jitra/kangar, bagitaw aku!! :)

aishah zaharin said...

kay, will be in alor setar/jitra on 25. aku takdak no. fon hang. hang msg aku no. hang kat aku nyer email ley? lama gila tak jumpa!

Suzie said...

aishah,u kawen lama jgk baru dpt anak ek??share la sket experience thru those years tu apa perasaan,ur effort etc.a fren of mine pun up till today blm ada rezeki dah masuk 6yrs.maybe i can tell her ur stories to comfort her feelings.

~ shac ~ said...

sis, shop kat aner tuh? Arghh!! sakit kepala sbb dah lama x shopping!!

DoOrDie said...

pegi CH...? huhuhu....orang itu ari pegi..

besh le juga...sejok time nak mandi...malas je rasa..

izzahismail said...

sudah lame tak shopping.
busy with class :(