Thursday, January 8, 2009

:: of little hope and dream, i'm no where near ::

i thought things would get better when we have expressed ourselves and being given a hope for a positive change.. but, i guess dreaming for good things to happen seems too big and too far away for it to come true.. of hope and dream, (mind the singular phrase that i'm using), i'm no where near..

i've spelled out how i feel, both nicely and sternly.. i've laid out what i want and what i expect.. but i guess, the little request that i've made is too expensive to bear.. what can i say? am i that unworthy to be fulfilled?

pardon me for whining.. but i have been bearing this for sucha period.. have no hormonal thingy to be blamed.. and i believe my mind is working consciously.. i'm marvelled on how people could be so deaf towards simple request that have been repeatedly continuously.. is it simply being deaf or ignorant? or both?

to whom it may concern, just bear with the consequences!


salhana said...

r u ok?

aishah zaharin said...

ok.. luahan jiwa yang tgh bengkek