Wednesday, January 28, 2009

:: short getaway in CH ::

hola everyone! was not around for the past few days, attending a wedding in jitra + short getaway in cameron highland. tell ya, lepas nih kalau nak gie jejalan jejauh with the two boys, i'll ask my other half for flight. sore arms babe! kena gasak ngan the two boys in the car. imagine the twin mengamuk tamau duduk dalam car seats? holding two active boys from alor setar to jitra. memang mommy's voice masa tuh at the top of her lung!

we didn't get much chance to wander around in CH. the boys aren't well, and they choose to nap in the morning rather than being outside. heh. so my husband and i didn't get the chance to do any strawberry picking there. the only thing that we manage to do was a visit to sg palas boh plantation (just because i love the architecture of the cafe there. nasib baik scones dia ok sbb jalan nak sampai tpt tuh sunggus mencabar kesabaran, for me at least). owh, and pasar malam visit in brinchang. we didn't even get any chance for family photo! :(

our nights in CH were supposed to be a family, i mean my nucleous family outing. but we were joined by my FIL who decided to put up a night in CH after being trapped in a heavy traffic towards north. he joined us in on the second night in CH and my ILs are lucky enough to get a room despite being in peak season. (though they have to pay quite a rent for a night!)

2 nights in CH, we then proceed for our main agenda - attending a wedding reception of my hubby's cousin in jitra. the journey was a tough one. afiq decided to go cranky all the way long from CH to jitra, while adib mula mengamuk masa dari alor setar to jitra. and being the only one in the car who can hold up the babies, yeah, i gave in to my stress. my boys got a yell each and my other half got a scold too. sorry my loved ones, but i was really, i mean REALLY stress out. am awfully sorry for that okay?

conclusion - our mission to bond with our children - A BIG SUCCESS. but lesson learned - no more trips to CH unless they have widened the road, or there's a flight going up there! frankly speaking, i'm a no fan of long journey, and i believe my husband has lost count on how many times i asked him, 'are we there yet?' hehe. sorry bang. i know i irritate u with that Q. ;p


ayin1911 said...

Hi Capt..

How r u dear??
smpai ke Jitra ye...ngee..
i2 bukan budak2 je..
aunty ayin pn bole jd cranky klo penat & jalan jauh...

p/s: pas ni bwk maid skali..sian kt mummy & daddy tuh..

emi said...

sabar je la rasa CH tak la best tu sy drive trn dr CH mlm,ikt Tapah..pergh,penat gila mata ni concentrate..da la jln lps hujan..ramai yg pening2 + nak muntah trn dr CH..hihihi

aishah zaharin said...

ayin - u're very right ayin! mmg bukan the boys jek yang go cranky, the mom as well! tobat tak gi dah CH unless.. straight road or ada flight. boley? ngeee..

ps - tamau bawak maid. hancus mood romantika. kahkahkah!

emi - akak turun ikut simpang pulai pun rasa nak tercabut kepala. pening! ala emi, kaalu gi ngan org tersayang, gie mana pun best. ye dak? :D

mast@work said...

mesti macam bersilat ek.. hehehe..

Rhapsody said...

owh..I know how you feel..sorang ni pun cam nak tercabut semua sendi..apatah lagi 2 org aishah. I tot ikut simpang pulai is better, road sense la but for those yg tak biasa memanglah pening sket but the road is bigger and safer. I used to drive up and down CH every week to give talk..but now can't imagine where I got the strenght..hehe..

aishah zaharin said...

mast - ala² tae kwan do black belt. :P

jue - i mmg tak biasa jalan macam tuh. dulu my journey consists of kl - seremban. the furthest pun JB. and knowing southbound punya hway is pretty straight forward and easy. unlike driving up to CH eventhough ikut spg pulai. :D