Monday, January 12, 2009

:: i love thou, weight scale! ::

never thought that losing a kg could be sucha nice feeling. i just love the scale. hah! (only when the scale is telling me the thing that i want to see, despite the precision is pretty questionable) i don't care, as long as it makes me happy. heh.

so, the scale said that i have another 4 kg to shed. hopefully, i'll be back at my pre-preggy weight even if i couldn't get my figure back. that at least could make me feel great (or is sexy enough? haha)

so, i have achieved 20% of my new year resolution. hope the CNY holiday won't pull me back! ;p


Anonymous said...

good luck ye kak aishah menghadapi CNY!
kene betul2 bersungguh tuh!

mast@work said...

cheh, ni saya jeles nih!!!

Laflybee said...

shah, cemana nak bagi kurus cepat..? shah wat cemana? ana da lama tak turun2 neh...waaaa

aishah zaharin said...

aweng - i need all the luck with me!

mas & ana - aiyo.. it takes a lots of work.. sha jaga makan sunggus²..