Thursday, January 8, 2009

:: i pray, and i pray.. ::

afiq and adib is still napping.. am running out of idea of what to cook for them, as lately afiq's appetite is pretty poor.. he simply refuse to eat, and depends a lot on formulas.. i decided that today i'll only fry some fish bites and stam some vege for lunch.. hopefully, he'll eat.. adib on the other hand is doing ok..

i scrolled down my blog today, and feel amused of myself when i see the tickers.. haha.. 9540 and counting.. terasa ala² glamer, though apa la sgt kalau nak dicompare dgn other famous bloggers, che det for example.. hehe..

i've already put up a plan for jan after my confinement period.. wanna take the boys for outing.. pity them for thy have to stay home all the time.. paling jauh pegi pun either clinic or IL's house.. i believe that they are bored as much as i do.. but above all, there's one thing that i really want to do.. VISIT AMIN'S GRAVE.. i haven't got the chance to visit the pusara yet.. frankly speaking, i thought i am strong, but nah, i am not! i can't help myself peeping at other peep's newborn baby whenever i got the chance.. i have delivered twice, but i never got the chance to go home together with my baby.. first preggy, afiq and adib kena tahan kat wad sampai 3 weeks.. second preggy, he went home earlier than me.. to a better place than mommy's arms..

i pray, and pray that Allah will never close the chance for meto conceive again..
i pray, and i pray that Allah will give me a better replacement to dull the sorrow..
i pray, and i pray that Allah will give me the strength to keep on moving..
i pray, and i pray that Allah will always surround me with people who loves me unconditionally..
i pray, and i pray that Allah wll give nothing but the best for me and family..
amin ya Rabbal 'Alamin..

O Allah, please give me the strength to move on..
please guide me with hidayah..