Monday, January 19, 2009

:: i visited him, finally ::

forgot to share a story.

i visited amin's grave yesterday morning. after 38 days he passed away, yesterday was the first time ever i visited his grave.

i miss him dearly. i shed my tears. i thought he's the one who'll recite doa at my grave. but it is the other way round.

my dear amin,
you'll always have a special place in mommy's heart. mommy loves you, and misses you dearly. so do daddy, and your two elder brothers. 38 weeks and 5 days with you is such a beautiful moment. you have brought extra joy to our small family, though it's a short time. mommy knows that you're in a better care.

sesungguhnya janji Allah itu Maha Benar. mommy prays we'll meet again in Jannah, and u'll guide me and daddy and the rest of us to Jannah, and we'll never be parted again. amin. amin ya Rabbal A'lamin.

ps : we'll be hosting Tahlil on 22nd January 2009 at Madrasah At Tarbiyyah, Jalan I, Taman Melawati after Maghrib Prayers. Muslims and Muslimahs are invited.

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