Saturday, January 3, 2009

:: 10 things in 2009 ::

though today dah masuk 3rd day new year, and hari yang ke 6 tahun hijrah, i haven't put up my resolution yet.. baru baca mag, dia kata kalau nak track back ur resolution, try to make it measurable.. so let's see what am i looking at in yr 2009/1430..

resolution no. 1 : to concoct more good food fr my nucleous family..
target : 4 days (at least) a week..

resolution no. 2 : to shrink back to my pre-preggy weight & figure..
target : to lose 5 kg in 2 months time.. (err logik ke?) dulu masa first preggy manage to shed 19kg in 4 months.. kali nih nak shed 15 kg jek.. dah settle 10kg, tapi bila balance 5 kg nih dia macam ala2 tamau kurang.. macam sayangkan i jek.. (aishah who used to b 39 kg dah jadi 56 kg.. sure korang tertanya² di manakah tptnya ku ternak lemak yang berlebihan itu.. jawabnya : hehe.. ;) tanya suamiku.. ngehngehngeh)

resolution no. 3 : to exercise regularly..
target : let make this one an easy one.. at least once a week of brisk walking.. hehe.. (i need to find time to do this, seriously.. tapi kalau dah kena ikut hubby ke t**********n, kita kena KIV dulu la this one..)

resolution no. 4 : to master at least one hidrology and hydraulic modeling for work purposes..
target : hmm, this one pretty much depends on office's management, tapi targetnya nak kena master at least infoworks software so that i could easily do my flood risk mapping in the future! (haha.. sapa kenal aishah masa zaman uni sure kagum, sbb my weakness point is hydrology and hydraulic.. i don't know how did i end up doing this as my job! forte zaman study dulu - structures + geotech.. geotech paper 2 semester tuh dapat A.. structures pun boleh tahan gak la.. hydrology? aku tulis surat chenta kat en tarmizi mintak dia jangan bagi teruk² sebab boleh rosak CGPA.. siap cakap, i've tried my best.. ;))

i still have other reolutions, tapi for me it's intangible.. (mcm buat damage assessment plak) so lt's see what else yang i nak accomplish this year :-

resolution no. 5 : to be a better muslimah.. surely.. dari segi solat, puasa, zakat (slalu lambat bayar), aurat, pergaulan seharian, everything!

resolution no. 6 : to become a better wife.. meaning - to increase my patience.. let me take one aspect at a time.. cause i know, i'm not a perfect wife..

resolution no. 7 : to become a better mother.. meaning - to increase my patience as well, to spend more quality time with the boys, not to give in too much to my boys (i need to instill some discipline as well), to potty train them.. (nih kena start ini tahun jugak), etc..

resolution no. 8 : to become a better daughter + DIL.. less complain, pamper my parents + in laws up to my ability, to treat them better.. (i'm a pretty stubborn daughter + DIL, i know that)

resolution no. 9 : to become a better sister + SIL.. less quarrel + arguements, more good + constructing discussions..

resolution no. 10 : to become a better buddy.. spread the love and care.. :D MMUAHS!

tu jek kot.. hmm.. so far ok rasa.. boleh kot accomplish this year.. no. 2 tuh pretty challenging.. :D wish me luck.. love ya all!

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