Tuesday, January 20, 2009

:: cute award from sheri hafiz ::

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~yang memberikan award ini ialah Sheri Hafiz.

3. Setiap blogger hendaklah menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum pemenang seterusnya.

~10 facts about me~

No. 1

never know how to cook before until i got married and live on my own. my granny always shove me off from the kitchen, telling me that it's not time yet to learn cooking when i was in my school years. instead, she asked me to read books! it's not that she's pampering me, but just simply, my late grand dad and her used to live the 'hard' way, that she knows only education back then could change your life. alhamdulillah, we're doing okay now, and i'm thankful to her in a way. (plus i love the way she shove me off from the kitchen. hehe. mengelat nak buat keje umah!)

No. 2
used to be a hot tempered person. but soon as i got married, i've changed a lot. betul tak bang?

No. 3
starting to look after myself better. start to eat healthily. start to take LOADS of supplement. thanx to dad, who's very keen on health and diet.

No. 4
dad is a very observant person when it comes to weight and body shape. hah. jangan tatau. i'm his only daughter, and he keeps on reminding me when i start to put on weight. (but i think he gives up now.) always deliver his reminder through my mom, reminding me to look after my weight, because he thinks i'm getting TOO WOBBLY.

No. 5
i just love those sweet little treats. i love bitter chocs, i hate minty candies. to me, candy should be sweet, not minty! i love cakes, i love puddings, i love ice cream. so, it's gonna be hard for me to jaga my weight kan?

No. 6
my friends back in uni used to call me budak skolah. for many reasons. i'm the type of person who doze off pretty early, compared to my friends. i don't know how to make a line without using a ruler. (yes, aku siap kena tegur dalam lecture hall by the lecturer for taking so long. i hate crooked lines. talking about being perfectionist). my hand writing - typical budak skolah, sebijik². what else? i stash my stationaries in a big pencil case. hmm, u can call me nerdy or whatever, but that's simply me.

No. 7
i'm a light traveler. very different from my husband. i hate hand luggage. (but i have to learn now, since i always travel with my twin boys. susu, pampers etc - double) i always pack my stuff compactly.

No. 8
i love blogging and blog hopping. my cuz, linie commented - wow, banyak nyer entry in jan! guess i'm having ample of free time to blog. ;P

No. 9
a travel freak. pantang nampak ticket murah, mula la riki. but, i'm not a lavish traveler, mind u. i still have some logical thinking when it comes to dollar and cents.

No. 10
i have big dreams for my family. be it financially or spiritually. i have shared my wants in my earlier entry.

this cute award goes to:-
1. lydiana
2. mastura
3. amisah
4. norlinie
5. adzra
6. ayin
7. kay dora
8. izzah ismail
9. syaza ismail
10. last but not lest, my dear lil bro, amri zaharin


DoOrDie said...


aishah zaharin said...

malas nak buat homework ek? aku bgtau cikgu john kang..

DoOrDie said...

mana penah cikgu john ajar aku weih!

aku ckp cikgu wahi nnt!

aishah zaharin said...

haha. kan cikgu john cikgu disiplin. belaja ke dak ngan dia, kena gak la kan?

haha. aku ingat cikgu wahi. kelakar seh dia tuh