Friday, January 30, 2009

:: excellent customer service ::

we were having dinner last night when my other half received a phone call from his bro - aiman.

"the parcel is here already."

we exchanged our smile. :D

my hubby is a footie freak. just FYI. perhaps, u can now guess what's the parcel is all about.

yeah - JERSEYS

i mean it. plural. it was meant for my two lil' boys. england infant kit has arrived safely!

eager to have a look, we collect the parcel from IL's house and proceed home. he opened it, but to our dissapointment, one of the jersey is faulty. a small hole on it's right hand.

my other hald called the customer service & report about it. immediately, the customer service peep said 'we'll send u a replacement.'

not clear of what to do, my other half clarified again. 'what about the jersey in my hand now? do i send beack only the shirt or the whole set?'

'just check your email.'

conversation ended, and he immediately checked his email. rupanya, that very minute depa dah kasik hantaq satu email notification saying that the replacement will be sent in due course. nothing about sending it back.

excellent customer service. that's what i can conclude.

ps : jersey murah gila okay. only GBP 5.00. shipping mahal lagik!

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