Thursday, January 29, 2009

:: malasnya nak keja balik! ::

i'm having some bites of warm cinamon hinted doughnut wth hot cuppa. what a nice way to start an evening. :D

have just got back from the new jusco in setiawangsa. adib mengamuk dekat rumah. he asked me to bring him out. sejak balik dari CH nih, my boys won't let me stay at home. they'll ask me to bring them out, and they'll surely get it. 2 young boys mengamuk kat umah - can imaine kan the chaos? i was thinking to bring them to klcc park. tapi bila pk balik, with no hubby around, jenuh gak jap gie nak berkejar. since i haven't put my foot in the new jusco yet, i hangkut my maids and my boys to the store for some grocery shoppng. (malas nak gie pasar malam.. aku tak kenal ikan okay? kat market ada label.. boley gitu? hehe)

i'll start working back in less than 2 weeks time. start² keje jek, kena pegi kursus kenegaraan kat melaka. adeh! 5d 4n without the boys. mau angau aku kat kem nanti. huhu. malasnya nak keja!

okay la all. nothing much to blog about. anyway, i had my postnatal check up yesterday. frankly speaking, i almost shed tears, as mula la teringat zaman² mengandungkan arwah amin. the dr asked me whether i want to conceive immediately or what. aku tatau apa nak jawab sebenarnya. i just said - i'll go with the flow.

hm. take care all. da!

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